Rapid user research for evolving services

Living in a world battling the spread of covid means new services are springing up to meet new needs, while existing services are adapting and changing.

We can help you make sure those new services or the changes you need to make are built on a clear understanding of the needs of the people who will be using them.

Fast research now means you can avoid making expensive mistakes by focusing on what’s important to users. You can gather feedback and adapt ideas before they reach production. Importantly, you can make sure you don’t build the wrong thing.

In this concise research package we will explore your service from a user’s perspective, looking at behaviour, attitudes and emotion. We’ll identify pain-points, opportunities and any gaps in the service.

  • What’s important to the people about the services?
  • When are they afraid?
  • When are they angry?
  • When do they want information and when do they want reassurance?
  • Which bits don’t work?
  • What would people be happy to lose?
  • What about your service most worries them in a covid world?

What we’ll do

In just five days we will take you through our tried and tested rigorous research process:

Step 1
Remote kick-off workshop to agree the research participants and the questions we want the research to answer. Create the recruitment brief and agree how we will reach your users.

Step 2
Create the research guide for you to feed into that details all the areas the research interviews will cover

Step 3
Conduct five one-on-one remote interviews

Step 4
Analyse the research to identify themes, pain-points, opportunities

Step 5
Prioritise findings and report back in a next steps workshop

What you’ll get

At the end of the project you’ll have prioritised findings with evidence of pain points and opportunities painting a clear picture of the needs of the people who need to use your service.


Please contact us to explore how we can help:
Email hello@macementer.com or call 0798 5979 852