It’s all about the people

  • Sam Menter

My primary goal when we founded Mace & Menter was to build a team of brilliant people working on brilliant projects. Easier said than done.

To recruit a great team you need interesting, challenging and worthwhile projects to work on. To win those projects, you need brilliant people ready to deliver them. Chicken and egg.

Before we had a permanent team, we ran projects with consultants on contracts. In 2016 we lost out on a significant piece of work for Scope that we should have won. It was a great fit for our skills and experience – strategic research and subsequent service design – and we had already proved ourselves on earlier projects.

But the scale of the project meant we needed multiple contractors working with us which Scope perceived as risky. If we weren’t confident enough in our abilities and longevity to commit to a permanent team, why should they be confident in our abilities?

That moment was a turning point. I knew that if we were going to work on the scale of projects that I wanted to work on we needed a permanent team.

Fast forward to 2019

Fast forward to this year and we currently have the projects and the people. And thanks to a couple of significant new contracts over the last few months we’ve been able to add more great people to our multidisciplinary team:

  • Mike Dunn joins us from Edo with extensive experience in service design and UX. He’s led projects for Citizens Advice, British Heart Foundation and Parkinsons. And he grows his own vegetables
  • Oliver Hall also joins us from Edo where he was creative director and product designer. He brings new skills to the team with deep experience in the way brands can be articulated digitally as well as in prototyping and testing digital services
  • Kat Thackray joins us from a health-tech start-up where she led on service design and has also worked on human-centred design for personal finance
  • Rachael Amesbury joins us from a marketing technology startup in New York to help us get the word out about some of the great work we’re doing
  • Verity Whitmore joins us to head up operations and project management and brings valuable experience of running a growing professional services consultancy

Purpose, autonomy and mastery

I’m excited and motivated by the values, personalities and capabilities of the team we’re building here. We have the skills and experience to take on – and nail – the toughest, most complex digital service design challenges. With a smile!

I wrote an article a bit like this one a couple of years ago where I said my goal is to continue producing great work for motivated clients who want to create exceptional experiences. It’s fair to say that nothing has changed in that respect so if that’s you or you know someone we should connect with, please don’t be shy!

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