Ideas and observations inspired by our work

On data scientists, assorted weirdos and empathy

The best projects combine data crunching with softer insight around behaviour and attitudes. Evidence and empathy.

Policy Lab: user research and prototype testing

We're running the research in Jobcentres across the UK

We’ve moved into a new studio and built a user research lab

You can even visit us by boat

What are you risking by not testing content?

Testing content with users allows you to see otherwise missed opportunities in context, language, tone and much more

The hidden benefits of observing user research

Using a lab for research can help you reconnect with users, re-energise a team and collaboratively prioritise insight

7 ways to ensure a frictionless onboarding process

Key things we’ve learned about how to get new users onboard with a product or service with physical and digital touchpoints

It’s all about the people

We've been growing the team to expand our skills and capabilities

Government Service Discovery for DCMS

We're running a discovery project for DCMS exploring ways the UK cyber security sector can be supported online

How to listen harder for deeper conversation and insight

The secret to working with people - a set of techniques for building trust, understanding and encouraging people to open up...

Incubation – or why ‘sleeping on it’ leads to better research insights

We all instinctively know that some things are best slept on… but why is this?

How to design a positive Gift Aid experience

Eight key design principles for anyone needing to consider how Gift Aid is presented and sold to visitors...

Where do you start when designing for behaviour change?

By understanding the stages people go through when changing behaviour we can be more effective in instigating change...

Making the case for visiting your users

We get used to the normality of our own lives, so it can be easy to forget just how different other people’s lives and needs can be...

In-store digital customer experience

Zooming out and looking at the big picture is the best way to prioritise how we can use different technologies across a customer journe...

Don’t miss the basking whales

Last summer I was invited to stay with two families I'd never met on the other side of the World...

Experiencing a service through the lens of the user

Your customers and users probably understand your system in a very different way from you and your design team