About us

We are a team of UX and service design specialists working with organisations that want to significantly improve the way customers experience services.

We combine behavioural insight – from primary research – with interaction, mobile and web design expertise to create evidence-driven digital services. The goal: meet genuine customer needs and make a real difference.

Our approach provides evidence to fuel innovation, mitigate risk and ultimately enables you to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Evidence is key to driving change and bringing people with you.

We’re driven by the desire to create something amazing. Nothing less will do – we go the extra mile.

Reasons people hire us

  1. We are specialists in user experience, research and service design for complex services. We are not a brand or marketing agency. We have a narrow but deep specialism
  2. We have proven expertise: our services are relied on by organisations serving millions of people, turning over hundreds of millions of pounds in revenue
  3. We achieve your goals by combining strategic research with experience in design, usability and a sharp eye for aesthetics
  4. We are 100% independent which means we are agile and easy to work with

A short manifesto

  1. Start with the usersEmpathy drives action. Digital service design should be led by customer or user needs not by technology, functionality or organisational structure. If you’re only looking at the problem from your own point of view you’re only going to be at best half right.
  2. Evidence not guess workGather evidence and explore hypotheses about your product or service. Use research-led prototypes and concepts to see what might be possible. Show, don’t tell.
  3. Seek out inspirationUnderstanding your users and customers will inspire you to improve your services. Inspire your customers through design.
  4. It needs to be top-notchDo your best to create something fantastic. We’re only on this planet for a short time, let’s make the most of it by delivering work we are hugely proud of.
  5. Embrace riskBravery and bold thinking up front provides space to iterate and the potential to pivot which mitigates the risk of a mediocre result.
  6. People are not resourcesPeople are individuals who bring different experiences, skills and perspectives to a project. People enjoy working as part of a respected team on ambitious projects that make a difference. People never stop learning.
  7. Life is about emotionLet’s engender positive experience through design because people always remember how you make them feel.
  8. Life is an adventureEmbrace it and see how far it will take you. Work on projects you believe in with people who want to explore, push boundaries and do something worth doing.


Sam Menter - Co-founder and MD

Sam designs projects for public sector and commercial clients at Mace & Menter. He has a background in research and interaction design and has led the UX design and audience insight on BIMA and BAFTA award winning projects.

He started his career at an embryonic lastminute.com in 1999 and went on to develop his experience at the BBC for eight years.

Mike Dunn - Consultant

Mike is user-centred design consultant who’s led projects with clients including the British Heart Foundation, the Forestry Commission and Citizens Advice.

User experience is the perfect role for Mike as it allows him combine his analytical and creative skills with a love for all things digital.

Yvonne Struthers - Consultant

Yvonne has managed websites and digital projects for organisations including The Samaritans, Nesta, Mind, Save the Children, Cancer Research and Amnesty International.

Having worked for agencies and charities, Yvonne understands what organisations need from an agency, and prides herself on being the clients’ champion, making sure their needs are always at the forefront of every project.

Natalie Vanns - Consultant

​​Natalie is a specialist in user centred design. Her expertise is in research, insight and synthesis as well as concepting and prototyping. She previously worked at Ideo in London and Palo Alto.

At Mace & Menter she has delivered design projects for government and in previous roles she’s worked on projects for Nokia and Ikea.

Anthony Mace - Co-founder and consultant

Ant studied Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art and worked for Flow Interactive before co-founding Mace & Menter. He's worked on projects for NHS, eBay, Google and Bristol University.

Rachael Amesbury - Marketing and Strategy Manager

Rachael joins M&M direct from New York City, where she led global content strategy for a technology startup.

She brings an enthusiasm for most things, but especially for well-told stories, a passion stemming from a childhood nose-deep in Roald Dahl.

Kat Thackray - Consultant

Kat is a designer who finds people endlessly fascinating. She believes that there aren't many things that a design-thinking approach can't help make better, and is happiest solving really hard problems.

She has extensive experience in service design for health and technology and has also worked on projects taking a human-centred approach to personal finance.

Oliver Hall - Consultant

Oliver is a hands on product designer and creative director, experienced in UX, UI and brand strategy.

He was previously design director at Edo.

Verity Whitmore - Operations

Verity heads up operations and project management and brings valuable experience of running a growing professional services consultancy.